Transform the experience Engaging audiences across online events, conferences and thought leadership programmes

Our Solutions

Destination sites to engage live, remote and blended audiences over time.

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Wavecast Remote

Premium webinars for remote audiences

Creating a richer and extended engagement for your customers.

Wavecast Live

Hybrid events for blended audiences

Simplify delivery and transform the entire live event experience.


Wavecast Content

Interactive thought leadership

Delivering content ready for the interactive world

Wavecast Channel

Building long term community

A hub that puts relationships at the heart of your content strategy.

We provide a range of additional professional services from custom development, integration, content strategy and training.

Platform features

Real time technology, live video broadcasting & content management



Live video to any device

Broadcast live video in HD to any device with instant playback for on-demand viewing and distribution.



Drive deeper engagement

Enable conversations to flourish around each piece of content with discussion tools.



Amplify the message

Share and dynamically distribute content across social media channels, third party sites and ad units.



Drive participation

Encourage audience interaction in real time with messaging, networking, live polls and more.



Manage on your terms

Customise and manage your audience engagement over time through a simple application.



Track  everything

Gather insights into audience activity and discover a wealth of engagement metrics to drive your strategy.



Recent projects

Leading publishers, event organisers, associations and global brands.